Easy & Efficient Cisco ISE Management for Professionals

A web application that helps administrators to manage Cisco ISE and 802.1X environments.


XTENDISE is a simple web application connected to your ISE. It is designed for administrators, helpdesk, operators or anyone who needs to work with ISE and helps them with everyday routine tasks related to 802.1X without the need to train them in Cisco ISE.

XTENDISE saves administrators’ time, prevents errors and increases network security.

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Key benefits

Keep your ISE safe
and private
Only core administrators can access ISE for policy changes; everyone else can use XTENDISE for routine tasks.

Saves your
employees’ time
MAC address management, troubleshooting, every routine task related to 802.1X is much faster with XTENDISE.

Increase your
network security
XTENDISE validates your network configurations and makes sure your network is closed and protected.

Accelerate your
802.1X rollout
You do not have to study complex automation tools. XTENDISE will help you to deploy 802.1X configuration in your network with just a few mouse clicks.

Complex ISE Management XTENDISE provides a complex overview of your ISE deployment and allows you to utilize various ISE features over API.

Quickly identify problems with your ISE deployment XTENDISE provides simple to read widgets that helps you to quickly identify the overload of your ISE deployment so you can act before users are affected.

Integrates with your network XTENDISE provides a unified tool for administrators that integrates network and ISE management into a single console.

Prevent errorsXTENDISE enforces a strict role based access for administrators based on Active Directory groups, thus they only have access to the features they need for work.

Key features

Key features, all without the need for direct access to ISE or network switches.

Dashboard and reportProvides graphs, tables and data which are useful and identify problems and endpoints that need your attention. Gives you a performance overview of your ISE deployment and helps you to optimize it. Provides detailed TOP 10 tables with problematic endpoints.
MAC address management
Add or remove a MAC address with just two clicks. MAC addresses are automatically deleted after expiration and the administrator is notified. Each administrator can only work with assigned MAC address groups.
Easily troubleshoot failing authentications
Easily troubleshoot endpoints that fail to authenticate without becoming overwhelmed with unnecessary information. Live Log is extended with a switch connector - send diagnostic commands to switch directly from XTENDISE. Restart the switch port with just two clicks.
Network configuration audit and remediation
Periodically validate switch configurations and make sure 802.1X configurations are on every interface. Fix missing or incorrect configurations with a single click. Make sure your company passes any external audit requirements.
Makes 802.1X rollout easy
Easily configure 802.1X in your network and save time - choose switch, select template, click deploy. Do not configure your switches manually. XTENDISE takes care of the heavy work.
Solves problems with WoL and idle devices - no more problems with dynamic VLANs
XTENDISE will make sure your devices are always in the correct VLAN so Wake on Lan will finally work again. Do you have many dummy devices that are silent and do not authenticate with MAB? XTENDISE will make sure these devices can authenticate. You don't have to remove 802.1X from the port and create a security hole.


XTENDISE licenses are licensed on a subscription basis which are available for standard term lengths of 1, 2, and 3 years. An additional discount is provided for 2 and 3- years orders. The subscription is provided for the peak number of concurrent endpoints connected to the network. This licensing scheme is the same as for Cisco ISE and the licensed number of endpoints is usually equals to the number of Base Licenses for ISE versions 2.7 and lower, and cumulative number of Essentials, Advangate and Premier licenses for ISE versions 3.0 and higher.

Licensed tiers are based on endpoints ranges:
Tier Endpoints Price Premium Support
11 – 499€ 1500€ 600
2500 – 999€ 2.9/MAC€ 600
31,000 – 1,999€ 2.2/MAC€ 600
42,000 – 4,999€ 1.5/MAC€ 900
55,000 – 9,999€ 0.9/MAC€ 1,200
610,000 – 19,999€ 0.7/MAC€ 1,800
7 20,000 – 49,999€ 0.5/MAC€ 2,400
850,000 – 99,999€ 0.3/MAC€ 3,000
€ 0.3
per endpoint & year
Subscription period
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More than
100,000 endpoints?

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Application license contains:

  • Detailed Dashboard and Report.
  • Superior endpoints management.
  • Live Log providing a unified troubleshooting console for ISE and network switches.
  • Compliance Module providing a network configuration audit, remediations and easy 802.1X rollout.
  • Intelligent VLANs feature providing an interface configuration management and lifecycle.

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We process your personal data based on your interest in the XTENDISE service. The data is processed by ANECT a.s., Purkyňova 646/107, 612 00 Brno – Medlánky, IČ25313029, exclusively for the purpose of providing additional information about the XTENDISE service and any other business negotiations with your company. Tolearn more about the protection of your privacy at ANECT read our Privacy Policy.
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