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An easy & efficient web application that solves various problems in 802.1X deployments with Cisco ISE. The application is designed for network professionals, operators or helpdesk to perform routine day-to-day tasks related to 802.1X such as adding a MAC address, troubleshooting a device that fails to authenticate, or managing 802.1X configurations on your switches.
How much does XTENDISE cost?
Click HERE to open the pricing calculator.
How can I order XTENDISE?
Fill in the form HERE, or write to us at; we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Is XTENDISE certified by CISCO?
How can be XTENDISE installed?
XTENDISE can be installed on a dedicated Windows server 2016/2019 with minimum requirements of 4x CPU, 8 GB RAM and 200 GB HDD. It usually takes about 2 hours to install XTENDISE and configure everything in the customer network. Please take a look at our documentation page for more details.
How is XTENDISE  licensed?
XTENDISE licenses are licensed on a subscription basis which are available for standard term lengths of 1, 2, and 3 years. An additional discount is provided for 2 and 3- years orders. The subscription is provided for the peak number of concurrent endpoints connected to the network. This licensing scheme is the same as for Cisco ISE and the licensed number of endpoints is usually equals to the number of Base Licenses for ISE versions 2.7 and lower, and cumulative number of Essentials, Advangate and Premier licenses for ISE versions 3.0 and higher.

Licensed tiers are based on endpoints ranges:

Tier Endpoints Price Premium Support
11 – 499€ 1500€ 600
2500 – 999€ 2.9/MAC€ 600
31,000 – 1,999€ 2.2/MAC€ 600
42,000 – 4,999€ 1.5/MAC€ 900
55,000 – 9,999€ 0.9/MAC€ 1,200
610,000 – 19,999€ 0.7/MAC€ 1,800
7 20,000 – 49,999€ 0.5/MAC€ 2400
850,000 – 99,999€ 0.3/MAC€ 3,000
Is XTENDISE suitable for my company?
XTENDISE is suitable for a company of any size with Cisco ISE and Cisco network devices. All companies want to save the time of their employees on everyday routine tasks so they can focus on important problems. XTENDISE will also increase your company’s overall network security because it will make sure that your network is configured correctly and thus closed and protected.
Sure, please click HERE to get to the Trial Order Form.
Is XTENDISE secure for my network?
XTENDISE is a professional software regularly tested for vulnerabilities and defects to make sure it is absolutely secure.
Is XTENDISE difficult to administer/use?
No, XTENDISE is easy to configure and use. Please, visit our documentation for administration and configuration guides.
What support can I expect from your company?
Standard support contains new application versions and basic application support. Premium support contains from standard support and guaranteed SLA 5x8 NBD, individual patches for your reported issues, dedicated technical escalation manager.
Can I use XTENDISE if I don’t have ISE?
Unfortunately not; XTENDISE is a product closely tied to Cisco ISE and does not support any other 802.1X vendor solution.
What version of ISE do you support?
We support all versions of ISE starting from version 2.4 and higher.

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